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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 15

G. D. Cripe (Glen Dutch) was the 9th child (5th birth), to Amos F. Cripe and Mary Jane Schrock.  'Dutch' married Bess Maude Beaty.  He was the grandson of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

G. D. Cripe Memories:

My memories of Grandpa Schrock are few, but quite vivid and impressionable.

My first memory of him was when he was living with Uncle Levi and Aunt Em.  His bedroom was in the parlor, the northwest room of the house.  Each time we visited there, we children were permitted to visit him in his room alone.  On each visit, I would ask him how he felt and each time his reply was that he believed he could take me down if we wrestled.

Another memory was that grandpa always said Grace at the table, when visiting at our house, in Dutch.  His prayer was always the same and I tried to memorize it without knowing the translation.  It started something like this, "Natiker Katiker Unbumhatiker Vater".  Does anyone else remember this prayer or it's translation?

I remember also the last visit of mother and father with grandpa, a few hours before he went into a coma, from which he passed away.  Mother reported this call to several persons over the the telephone and reported that as they left, Grandpa started to sing, "Over There", singing as they were leaving,  "I'll soon be at home over there".

I am sure Grandpa Schrock's Christian life was the foundation of the Christian heritage the Schrock family enjoys today.

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(Editor's Notes:  Paragraph 2 - Uncle Levi and Aunt Em referred to Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock's 5th child, Emma Schrock and her husband Levi E. Weaver.
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