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Madness Monday: Amish Bishop Samuel Hochsettler

I am not sure what year this just says January 23.  From the clothing on the investigators it looks to be late 1920's or 1930's?  That's my guess, for what it's worth!  A handwritten note under the title of the article says "Is this in your book Nora?"  Wonder if they were meaning the book I just purchased from e-bay, or if it was a different one?  I plan on doing more research on this in the summer.

The newspaper article is from Goshen mother was a reporter...was she involved in the writing of the article?  Could she have known these people?  She graduated from Goshen High School in 1927 and started at the newspaper shortly afterwards.  If I'm correct on the range of years this article could have been written she might very well have remembered the incident.

Found in book purchased on e-bay February 2011
"The Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler" by
Harvy Hostetler
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