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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 17

John Wesley Priser was the first child of Benjamin Frank Priser and Nancy Schrock.  He was the grandson of Yost Y. and Martha (Plank) Schrock.

Wesley Priser Memories:

As I remember grandpa's home, it was about 120 rods in off the road.  As we would enter the lane there was a gate fixed so, as we would drive on something, the gate would open and would close the same way.  Oh, yes, I remember the stone that stuck out about six inches that we would hit sometimes.  There was a hedge fence on both sides of the lane and about a mile of it altogether on the farm.  It was always well trimmed as long as grandpa was able to do it.

As we come to the buildings to the left was the big bank barn, buggy shed and hog house.  To the right a wood house and milk and well house at the corner of which was a gate where we entered the yard.  It was a big white house built for two families with board walks leading to the front and back of the house, and also away from the house along the well house and wood house on one side and the grape arbor on the other side to the out house.

With all the buildings and big yards we would have big times playing hide and seek when us cousins got together.  There was the orchard south of the house and the pond east of the barn where we would like to wade in and sometimes fell in.

Once us boys took a rope and tied it to Willie's express wagon and then lassoed a pig - results: it run around the the straw stack and wrecked the wagon.

I remember one summer the grasshoppers destroyed their garden and trucks.  Ate the leaves off the hedge and bushes and the white board fence was black with them.  I remember the long wood box back of the cook stove in the kitchen where us boys would be or the couch in the living room in front of the north window.  As I remember it we had good eats and plenty of them and I can hear grandpa return thanks in German.

I remember Aunt Sarah, Sally Zook and Sally Mishler and many other memories as the old home was 60 years ago in the good old days.

(Editor's Notes: Aunt Sarah is presumed to be Yost Schrock's sister; Sally Zook is unknown - no Zooks in my genealogy database; Sally Mishler is not in my database either but I do have several other Mishler's listed so she could be related to one of them.)

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  1. I can't stand it had to go and at least look. Could this be your Mary Zook?

    : ) Fran

  2. One more, Sarah Ann Mischler with Frank Chiddester. Sarah Zook was with a Miller. Both Sarahs look like old maids. Think Yost's family was friendly too them and invited them over or amused by old maid tendencies.

  3. Fran, thanks! Yost Schrock's mother was Sarah Miller (I do not have a maiden name for her in my program)...I wonder if Sarah Zook is one and the same person! My Sarah Miller was married to Peter Schrock (Yost's father)...he was born in 1795 in Pennsylvania, his Sarah is from Pennsylvania. Your awesome to provide me with this to verify/document that they are the same person!

  4. Nope not same person but maybe related somehow. Thanks for the links to the census'