Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day - Link

Link was a holiday gift who was given to us by Grandma Warren when the kids were little.  He came out mid March ever year, just for a day or two. 

Then he'd get a special treat and come out around Christmas time...he was small enough we'd could hang him on the tree...and a happy Leprechaun he was.  But, alas, one year he disappeared <gasp>!  We don't know if he ran away or if, worst yet and what we suspect, he accidentally got tossed out with the live Christmas tree. Or did Santa steal him...NAH, he wouldn't do that!!!  But he was gone and it seems forever and we miss him like the dickens.  And still talk about him every year.

Grandma Warren also had a story to tell about Link to the kids.  Link always seemed to be on some kind of adventure or getting into some kind of trouble.  To this day, all in their 40's, they talk about Grandma's stories of Link.  Maybe one of them would be so kind as to write and update to this posting telling of some of Link's (mis)adventures?
This little guy reminds me of Link - he resides at the school where I work and he comes out every year, just about this time of the year.  He's twice the size of the original Link but he's just as cute! The kids love him, just as our kids loved our Link!

Mary Post Warren
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