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Daring to Go Where No (Wo) Man Has Gone Before

With a little trepidation and no fear I dare to go where no (wo)man has gone before  -  tracking the life of one Archie (Archibald?) Warren.  Archie is/was hubs paternal grandfather.  VERY little is known on him - even from his one living daughter. As you can tell by the picture we celebrated his 99th birthday - he lived to be 102.  But NO one can remember dates (all the more reason to date EVERY photo!). He died within three years of this picture being guess is sometime in the late 1970's or early 1980's. 

I was never blessed with meeting my grandfather-in-law as we were busy raising our family and, well, I guess I just didn't realize how important it was to do it then.  How I wish I could go back in time!

What I know about Archie is minimal - he married (no dates) twice, he had 3 children by each wife.  Hubs grandmother was Emma (no last name, no birth date, no death date).  I guesstimate that Archie and Emma married about 1900-1905 as hub's father was born on April 16, 1905.  This would put Archie (if he married young) born about 1880.  The census records for 1910 though 1930 put him between 1875 and 1878 for a birth date (no actual date given in the records, just age at time census taken).  Fortunately, most of Archie's children had fairly unusual names...the first three were Manuel, Ather, and Clyde.  The second three were Colburn, Otis, and daughter Doris.  According to 1930 census records the mother of the last three children was Lillie (no last name, no birth date, no death date).  When I first started my researching I did not even have names for the one could remember.  This is hard for me to comprehend since, although my mother did not divulge all her information, what she did tell us was written down and verified.

By using the 1910 to 1930 census records I was able to verify the names and approximate ages of all but Doris.  She was born after 1930 and should show up in the 1940 census - thank God, less than a year to wait for this.  It looks to be that all children were born in Louisville Kentucky.  Census records too show that Archie was born in Kentucky and so were both his wives.

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  1. I wish I could go back in time, would make a nice blog title and oh how I could fill in the pages with my wishes. I enjoyed your series.
    I am here to present you with a One Lovely Blog award. It's a slow process for me jumping around gathering addresses and stopping by and still to post the list at my blog.
    Now I have to stop and go to work.