Monday, April 25, 2011

Memories - The Runaway

This is the story of one very little boy (about the age of the cutie in this picture)...who decided one day he just had to run away from home because - well who even remembers!?   He diligently packed his bag, and a little food from the kitchen, found a sleeping bag and sauntered out of the back door.  I can't remember what he was upset enough about to decide to 'run away' but we decided to call his bluff and let him go.  We lived in a safe neighborhood and knew he wouldn't go far.  (Today we would NEVER let him go out by himself).

About 15 minutes later the hubs went out to check on him...nope, not in back and not in front either.  But after a short search we found him all set up under the pool table in the garage.  When we asked him why he chose this spot to 'run away' to, he replied "well, you told me I couldn't go across the street by myself and there was no where else to go!' .....gotta love those memories!

The sweety next to him in this picture is his older sister...doesn't she just look tickled pink!

Mary Post Warren
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  1. Great story! Reminds me of the story I hear from my husband's family: he used to run away to Grandma's house (sandwich packed in a kerchief and everything). Grandma lived upstairs.

  2. Very cute story. An age of innocence.

  3. How sweet! The thought of my little one trying that today scares the life out if me...he is so adventurous who knows where he would head!