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My Old Kentucky Home

1953 - My Old Kentucky Home
 Archie Hillery Warren was born on March 15, 1874 in Green Kentucky, less than 100 miles from Louisville where he spent the majority of his 102 years.  He died on July 8, 1976.

These pictures were taken in 1953 when hubs and his family drove from Long Beach, California to Kentucky to visit his grandfather.  Some of the original pictures have the word's 'my old Kentucky home' written on the back of them.  According to the hubs this is where his father grew up.  I can see 2 people in the first photo, a man in lower left corner and a woman (I think) on the porch.  The house is/was located in Louisville Kentucky.

 1953 - Ball Hallow Kentucky
 Hubs remembers traveling to Kentucky in this car with his mom and dad and two sisters.  He remembers the trip being long and boring, and only stopping for food and gas. 

I could not find much on the Ball Hallow area of Kentucky except that it's about 300+ miles south east of Louisville. It looks like it may be in the mountains.  From the little I could find by googling it, it seems to be touted as a resort area today.
1953 Left to right: Archie, either Clyde or Clayborn,
Manuel, either Clyde or Clayborn Warren
1953 Back of  "My Old Kentucky Home"



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