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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 19

Nancy Schrock Priser was the eighth child of Yost and Martha (Plank) Schrock.  She married Benjamin Frank Priser probably between 1875 and 1887. They had three known children John Wesley Priser (born: 11.23.1887), Fred Earl Priser (12.8.1892), and George W. Priser (2.22.1896).

Aunt Nan Priser Memories (Part 1):
(Written by Bessie (Schrock) Sherck)

I invited Aunt Nan to spend a day with us to rehearse the memories of her dear old home.

While we made quilt blocks we talked and laughed as she told many interesting happenings.  I will try to write them as she told them to me.

She said Grandpa had a firey horse named Ben. One day he hitched Ben to the buggy and Grandma, Uncle Will, Aunt Sarah and a big basket of eggs in the buggy and started for town.  Now as they started, Grandma said, "Now do be careful".  "Oh," said Grandpa, "I'll saw him down", and at that he cracked the whip and off started Ben on the run.  The buggy hit a high spot at the side of the lane and spilled them all out, eggs and all.  They had a lot of scrambled eggs.  Aunt Sarah had a broken arm.

One time Aunt Nan went out the north way past the grape vines.  A pig pen was close by. When she came in the house she said, "I found a new nest at the sie sthall (pig pen) in the grass with one oye (egg) in it.  Dutch and English seemed to be mixed up badly in their talk.  Aunt Mary and Aunt Nan went to school together but one day Aunt Mary was not feeling well, so told Aunt Nan if the teacher asked why she did not come to tell her she was too "foul".  Now Aunt Nan knew foul meant rotten in English so she told the teacher she was too rotten.

Here is her recipe for fried cheese which she said Grandma used, which first came from the Weavers'.
  • Scald clabbered milk until it can be crumbed between the fingers.  Put into a bowl and mix with 1/2 teaspoon soda to the gallon of milk and a pinch of salt.  Pour in a hot skillet in which butter has been melted.  Stir constantly until the curds are all creamy, being careful not to scrape the bottom of the skillet.  There will be a crust that can be taken out and eaten.
Once when Grandma was frying cheese, Aunt Sarah was standing by to get the crust and Grandma took it out and ran for the orchard and Aunt Sarah after her.  She did not remember which won but I should think they shared it as that was the spirit of the family.

Once Aunt Nan and Uncle Will were playing together in the back barn (Uncle Will always seemed to get the worst end).  Grandpa said they should not open the East door that went to the barnyard below.  Of course, like modern children, they wanted to open the door to see what would happen.  Aunt Nan unhooked the door and down one side went because the one hinge was off.  She told Uncle Will to run down in the barnyard and take the rake and push the door up so she could hook it again.  But instead the other hinge broke and down went the door and broke Uncle Will's collar bone.  When Grandpa came home he did not scold but said, "We'll wait until morning to see how he is".  Of course, by morning they found out it was broken.

Another time they were playing by the bake house.  Things were not going so well so Will called Aunt Nan an Alt Sow (Old Sow).  Grandma heard them and said the next one who said that would get penned up.  So Aunt Nan thought she would try to see what would happen.  Grandma heard her and in she went to the little hall between the bedroom and living room which also was the way to the cellar.  She said she slipped out and ran down the cellar and out the outside way.  She said Grandma let her go which sounds like Grandma.


(Editor's notes: Again Nan Priser was Yost and Martha Schrock's 8th child. Her memories told to Bessie Schrock Scherck who was Elias and Nancy (Hoover) Schrock's 2nd child. Elias Schrock was Yost and Martha Schrock's 4th child and one of Nan Schrock Priser's older brothers.)

Sarah is presumed to be Yost Schrock's sister; Will was William Schrock (Yost and Martha Schrock's 9th child); Mary was Mary Jane Schrock (Yost and Martha Schrock's 6th child; Weavers were Levi and Emma Weaver...Emma was Yost and Martha's 5th child).  Hope all this makes sense!)

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