Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Treasure - Our First Car

August 1964 Us with our 1964 Dodge Dart

A week before we got married  hubs and I broke off the engagement....long story, not needed to be shared here.  Anyway, to help mend his broken heart he took the rings back, got the money back, and immediately went to the car dealership and put the money down on this brand new beauty! (NOT me, but the car)  A couple days later we were back together and then off to Las Vegas to get married. The funny part about it is the lady at the jewelry store where he purchased and returned my rings had set the rings aside seeming to know he would be back.  Hubs dad loaned him to $$$ to get the rings out of hock. 

The purchase amount on the car was as much as a down payment is now....$2,700.  Amazing - and it was just yesterday that cars were that cheap.

Mary Post Warren
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  1. very cute story! What happened to that car? Did you upgrade it to a station wagon! AKA in the present time they are know as Mini Vans