Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Memories - The Laundry

It was a Monday morning...it had been raining all weekend and the weather man  said there was no sign of a let up before the end of the week.  We had a house full of teenagers and they needed clean clothes to wear.  I had done the laundry over the weekend with the hopes the rain would let up long enough for them to dry on the clothes line, the dryer was broken.  Alas, that was not to happen.

The hubs worked graveyard shift and was expected home shortly after I left for work so I left a note for him - "please take these clothes to the laundromat and dry them"....I set the note and the clothes on top of the counter.  No problem, I figure.

I came home..the hubs was all grins..."yep", he said, looking proud as a peacock - "got the clothes dried, folded, and put away".  I was happy...more than I expected.

BUT........there was a problem - hubs had NOT taken the basket of clean clothes that was sitting on the counter by the note, he had picked up another basket that was sitting on the floor and still needed to be washed!  The result - since there was no figuring out which clothes in the dressers were clean or dirty - we wore a lot of dirty clothes for that week!

Mary Post Warren
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  1. So funny! I can see this happen in my house.
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Did that ever sound familiar! Thanks for reminding us that minor upsets are really funny after the fact.

  3. Oh, gosh - I've been in that situation. Well-meaning husbands....