Monday, April 18, 2011

Mystery Monday: Old Dunkard Church

 I found the below postcard in the book I purchased from e-bay "Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler" by Harvey Hostetler.

I find the hole punches  around the postcard.  I wonder why this was done?

Down the left hand side of the postcard it reads:

"Raphael Tuck & Sons' Series No.#2575 "Antietam Battlefield Md.
Photochromed in Saxony

   THE OLD DUNKARD CHURCH is about one mile from Sharpsburg on Hagerstown Pike.  It was built by the German Baptist in 1853, and used by them as a regular place of worship. Some of the most severe fighting of the Battle of Antietam occurred about here, and after the battle, the church was used as a hospital and embalming station. During the battle the bible was taken by a New York soldier, and after an absence of 41 years was returned and is now occupying its old place on the pulpit.

The Battle of Antietam - click on link to read tons of information on this battle during the Civil War.
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  1. Might the holes have been used to attach the card to a fabric background using yarn or thin ribbon?