Monday, April 11, 2011

Mystery Monday: Who Is Nora H?

Nora H 1906 - This picture was
originallly much smaller, more the
size of the backside of photo
on right.
wrtten on back of left hand picture

These pictures were very hard to work with - they are both no more than a fingernail in size...but when scanned they came up fairly large...just not easy for 'playing' with and 'setting up' in a blog.  I have no idea who this Nora H (1906) is - her picture and the note attached to it were in an envelope...the picture was so tiny it was almost overlooked. 

Nora is a beautiful youg woman - looks to be in the 14 to 16 age group.  The picture, backside of picture, and note were all in an envelope waiting for her to open it.  It was inside the book I purchased on e-bay "Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler' by Henry Hostettler.  Also with the picture was this note written in 197? (I assume that the 'H' on the back of the picture stands for either Hochstetler or Hostettler.)

Who's Hank? Who's Sis? Who is Aunt Emma Larabee and who is Fern?

Mary Post Warren
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  1. What an interesting find! Hope you are able to find Nora's family.