Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is Dedicated to One I Love - My Dad (part 3)

Today I'm posting some special pictures of a special person in my's funny that as I go through the pictures I have there are so few of my dad as a child.  I only have one or two snapshots and a couple of professional pictures.  Did people not take many pictures in the early 1900s, or did they just toss out what they had?

I'm scanning pictures that I've taken over the last 45+ years and I'm willing to wager that I've taken over 10,000 pictures (seriously).  That sounds like A LOT to me and we don't even have grandchildren!  There would probably be a gazillion pictures if we did!

In the picture on the left - dad is being held by the woman.  I'm not sure who she is...maybe his mother or one of his grandmothers or an aunt?  Hays' brother O.J. is the older boy with the darker hair.

Hays Post and Elizabeth (Coulter) Dingler
To the right is Hays Coulter Post with his cousin Elizabeth Coulter (Dingler).  She is the daughter of Luci Hays Coulter's oldest child and only son, Camillius Coulter. 

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