Friday, January 21, 2011

Bits and Pieces of This and That

Not being able to do as much on my computer as I'd like to do I've spent some time trying to find other things to do.  One of those was to things was to go to the Arizona Family History Convention today.  I had a great time wandering through the 'expo' hall today and talking to the different vendors.  My favorite class was the 'RootsMagic' class which taught us all how to manuever ourselves around the 'RootsMagic4 genealogy program.  I won a free copy of this program in a     
contest held earlier this it was really exciting to follow through with a beginner class on it.  I usually just fumble around and learn a new program by the 'hunt and peck' type system.  The class was held by Bruce Buzbee.

I've also spent some time 'cruzing' around blogger-ville this week.  I read a great post by Amy Coffin who authors "The We Tree Genealogy Blog".  She wrote about people  who may read your blog and then in order to make comments they have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to do it.  Like having a Google account in order to comment or having to write the Verification or 'captcha' word in order for the comment to get accepted.  Read her blog by clicking on the link provided and see what I mean.  Most of these settings are to avoid spam from our blog into our e-mail.  BUT I'm going to do a 'test drive' and see how it works without any barriers for the time being.  There will be no Google account required to leave a comment.  There will be no 'Word Verification'.  I've also provided my e-mail on the side bar, under my picture (I couldn't figure out how to make this so you could just click it, but you can easily cut and paste it).   So please feel free to leave all kinds of comments.  IF the issue of spam arises again I will reconsider changing these items back and making the site more secure.  I would like to hear your feedback and am looking forward to reading your comments.

I have also recently started a series titled 'Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock' can follow the links on the right side bar for the month of January to view each of these posts.  There will be several more postings this month on Yost and Martha (my maternal great-great grandparents).
Mary Post Warren
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  1. Thanks for the mention and I'm glad you liked my blog post on comments.

    RootsMagic is offering several webinars. You should check them out.

  2. Love your post. Good luck with RootsMagic.