Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - continued

I thought before I start writing the memory part of the book I would finish with the lineage of Yost Schrock down through me.  Check out this link for the beginning of this lineage:

Elizabeth Schrock was born on 01.20.1853.  She was the third child and first daughter of Yost and Martha Schrock.  She was my great-grandmother.  She married Joseph J. Troyer on 03.17.1872.   Their children were:

William Franklin     b. 01.26.1873  married: Jessie Duncanson
Ella May                 b. 04.07.1875  married: Joseph W. Cripe
Jesse Edward        b. 11.29.1878  died: 01.22.1879
Elmer David         b. 09.04.1884  married: Mary Motzko
Edith Magdaline    b. 12.02.1889  married: Henry Hatfield

Elmer married Mary Motzko on 09.04.1884 on 09.10.1908.  Their children were:

Margaret Elizabeth  b. 06.16.1909   married: Hays C. Post (my parents)
Dorothy Helen             b. 04.05.1913   married: William O. Haines

Margaret Troyer married Hays C. Post on 10.4.1941 at the mission in Santa Barbara California. They had five children.

Mary Post Warren
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