Thursday, January 27, 2011

Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - part 3

J. Harvey Schrock Sr. (wife Flora Edith Gephert) was the 1st child of Christian and Susan (Hostetler) Schrock.  Born on April 16, 1874.

J. Harvey Schrock Memories

Grandfather's farm was considered the best wheat farm in the community.  On one day we threshed 1800 bushels of wheat. Christ Pletcher and I loaded all the bundles on the wagons.  Perhaps it was the way the farm was taken care of that made it produce so well. 

He used to tell me whenever I wanted work, to come over, he would have something for me to do.  Grandfather was no hunter.  In the early days, when they were starting an orchard, the deer were so plentiful he had to replant his orchard three times.

Grandparents belonged to the Amish Church and later joined the Church of the Brethern.  He was needing a horse and heard an Amish man had one to sell.  He arrived there at noon and they asked him to eat first.  They set a table for him separate from them.  After dinner the man said "Now we will go look at the hourse".  Grandfather said, "If I am not good enough to eat with you I am not good enough to buy your horse", and left.  It was an Amish custom to not eat with anyone who had left the Amish Church.  Grandfather Hostetler was holding revival meetings at the Lake School house when Grandfather and Grandmother Schrock joined the Church of the Brethern.

Mamie E. Schrock (Cooper) was the 3rd child and 2nd daughter of Issac and Maria (Burns) Schrock.  Issac was the 2nd son of Yost and Martha SchockMamie was born on June 20, 1879.  Cora Schrock (Schmidt) was the 2nd child and 1st daughter of Issac and Maria (Burns) Schrock  She was born on January 8, 1877.

Cora Schmidt amd Mamie Cooper Memories

We cannont remember very much about what went on at the time Grandfather and Grandmother Schrock was living.  We remember about going up that long lane once in a while from church and had a great dinner.

Mamie was there at the time when Grandma was lying low in bed and made pies for expected company.

Issac (Cooper) used to come over and call on Mamie while she was there.


  1. Mary - Thanks for sharing these memory letters - really enjoyed reading them. J. Harvey and Flora Edith Schrock are my great-grandparents. My grandma Viola Ruth Burrous (Schrock) certainly made great pies :-). I've recently been dabbling on and other sources - great fun. I've been very fortunate to stumble across genealogies written about several ancestral lines (incl. Hochstetler - Flora's ancestors) and was so happy to find your blog! Beth Burrous

  2. Beth, I'm so excited you commented here. Please e-mail me using the e-mail address next to my picture on the right side of this page. I have more info to share. So far I've written about 20 posts on these 'Memories' and although I'm getting to the end of them I've still got several more to share. Also I have a post up on a book I purchased from e-bay (dirt cheap)written in 1912 on Jacob Hochstetler's descendants. I'm not sure yet if he's related to your g-grandmother, maybe you can help shed some light on this.