Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Being 75% computerless since the first of the year I've had to come up with other things to do. See, during the holidays I spent some time in southern Arizona and Mexico having fun with my son and getting my teeth worked on. My computer went to the 'shop' to be 'fixed'...son has a friend who lives near him and he is a computer-pro.  His friend has done a lot of upgrading and fixing of my computers over the past 10 years and has always done an excellent job and no charge but cost for parts.  This time he said it just needed cleaning and tweaking and it would be just fine...but when I got it home it wasn't so fine.  No sound, USB ports not reading the flash drives, cordless mouse doesn't work and internet is slower than slow.  My internet and/or screen freeze up a dozen times or more a day.  Son and friend live a couple hundred miles away and no time to get back down there.  So I'm 'dealing with it'....ugh.  I miss my facebooking and blogging the most.  I left my laptop down there (before I knew this one was in the condition it was in) so I can't even use it as a replacement.  WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?

Fortunately for me my kids bought me a Kindle for Christmas.  I love that baby!  It's almost as good as my computer (especially now).  I've been doing A LOT of reading.  Many books can be downloaded for FREE from (I think it's those that are pass their copyright period that are free).  I'm 'into' the old classics...Little Women, Emma, Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden are some of my favorites.  I've read them all a couple times before but it's always good to re-read them especially for FREE.  Since Christmas I've read Emma and Little Women.  I've got in cue Jo's Boys and Little Men.  Not only are these books classics and forever worth reading they also make us realize what life was REALLY like in the 1700 and 1800s.  "Going calling" is one of my favorite of the things to do.  I love the fact that as Jo was becoming famous with her writing of books that the author describes how much she had to write and rewrite and edit again the books...I would read and imagine her today and how much easier it would be for her.  We don't appreciate how how easy we have it. 

The only con I see against it is that you can only purchase your books from  That's not a major con for me as I do most of my shopping online.  You do have to be near a wireless connection to download the books (I have one with my internet).  But you do not have to be near a connection if to read what you've downloaded.  Many places like Starbucks, McDonalds, Barnes & Noble offer free wi-fi, just drop in have a cup of java and download to your hearts content.

If you don't have one a Kindle it is a great investment.  Mine drops right into my purse and it goes everywhere with me...if ever I have to wait 5 minutes for something I can just pick it out  of my purse and read away.  Just don't read and drive!

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  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Jo's Boys is my one of my all time favorites. Still have my old copy sitting on a shelf near my genealogy desk! I don't have a kindle, but am using the kindle software on my netbook. Hope you get your computer back up to snuff soon.