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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock

Recently I came across a typed copy of  the 'Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock'.  These memories were written by Yost and Martha's children and grandchildren.  It would be a wonderful idea if we all had our children and grandchildren write their memories of their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

I'm not sure when this booklet was written but it is typed.  I do know it was before 1963 as my grandfather was still alive.

A little background:  Casper Schrock was Yost's grandfather.  Casper's exact birthdate is unknown but is suppose to be around 1745 in Switzerland. He married Mary Stuckey, a native of Germany.  (I'm not sure whether they married before or after immigrating to the United States).  To this union were born 10 children - Henry, John, Christian, Michael, Katie, David, Joseph, Abraham, Jacob, and Peter.

Peter being the 10th child was born in Summerset County, Pennsylvania in September 1795 and died in April 1846.  In the year 1818 he married Sarah Miller.  Their children were: 

Catherine        born: 1.2.1821         married: John Troyer
Elizabeth         born:       1823         married: Christian Plank
Susanah          born: 3.19.1825       married: Daniel Schrock 
Yost Y.**      born: 3.21.1827       married: Martha Plank
Elias               born: 6.27.1829       married: Elizabeth Strutzman
Benjamin        born: 6.7.1831?       married: Rachel Schrock
Sarah             born: 9.10.1834       married: Christian Stuckey
Mary             born: 9.8.1837         married: Noah Troyer

Yost Y. Schrock
was Peter and Sarah (Miller) Schrock's 4th child and was born near Wayne County, Ohio on 3.21.1827 and died at his home near Middlebury Indiana in 1910.

In October 1848 at the age of 21 Yost married Martha Plank of Wooster Ohio.  After the marriage Yost and Martha moved on the old homestead and here their two oldest children were born.  In 1851 they moved to Elkhart County Indiana. The following spring they purchased the farm on which Yost died near Middlebury Indiana.  Their children were:

Christian       born: 10.10.1849     married Susan Hostetler
Issac            born: 03.13.1851     married: Mariah Burns
Elizabeth     born: 01.20.1853    married: Joseph Troyer
Elias             born: 10.31.1854     married: Nancy Hoover
Magdaline    born: 08.18.1864     died: 6.12.1865
Nancy         born: 03.27.1866     married: Benjamin F. Priser
William        born: 05.28. 1868    married: Lulu Vandersten
Clara           born: 09.06.1870    married: John Zimmerman

Now that you have a little background the next time I will start posting the 'Memories' part of the book
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