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Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock - Part 1

The first page of the Memories of Yost and Martha Schrock is a 'let's get going' page....letters sent suggesting it be done.  The page is typed here exactly as it was typed written originally.  I have left grammar errors and punctuation marks as is.  (Any spelling errors would be mine, please let me know so I may correct them).  According to Edith's directions the book should be made into a booklet with the sheets of paper folded in half.  This was not done...the booklet is on 8 1/2 by 11 paper, hole punched, and then held together with brackets.

If any family member would like a copy of this book please contact me...I'll be glad to scan it and forward it via e-mail, or mail it 'snail mail' it.

Cousin Ira:

Someone should be responsible for collecting old memories from each cousin.  It would make a bulky letter for all the letters to go to each one and then for one to read many others before he wrote his memories might hinder his own original memory.

I suggest that you send a post card to each cousin asking them to write some fond memories of Grandfather and Grandmother Schrock and the old homestead and mail it to you.  Then when you have received all of them, have them typed on a typewriter, standard paper in such a way that you could fold the sheet once then folding a heavier sheet for the cover making a booklet.  Send a copy to each one and Aunt Nan and Aunt Lula as a surprise to them.  I will guarantee to make up any shortage you may have to cost (provided you do not charge too much for your ((tired) time. Ha)   You can copy off of Edith's letter those lines that speak of her memories.  Please do not turn this down as I believe you are the one to do it.


Clyde C. Cripe

In the last few years I have done some wistful thinking.  That is, I have often wished that we could pool the memories of our two Aunties and us cousins, about incidents concerning Grandmother and Grandfather Schrock.  Their coming to Middlebury, their building of the two homes on the farm, the apple orchard, milk house, the home with the apartment on one side with the small connecting door upstairs, the bank barn, the lane.

This tale of remembrances should go thru the relationship, (if you folks are interested) as speedily as possible.  Even if it will take quite a while to make the rounds.  Send to the older ones first - as they have more memories than the younger ones in the families.  Not staying in any one family over a week.

I'd start this out with Clyde and Elsie.  Anyone in his family who can contribute to this letter story, no matter how small it is, will be wonderful.  Ira and Della Weaver, when they were here, said "Do start this for we will both be glad to tell out our memories".

So Clyde and Elsie here it comes - you send it to Clayton or Clara then pass it on to other members of your family, then to other families, Aunt Nan and Aunt Lula.  When all done it will be interesting for all of us to read.  A copy to be made for each one when finished.  Hope you will all enjoy doing it.


(I'm not sure who Cousin Ira is <the person to whom the first letter was addressed> but the Clyde who wrote the letter is in my Schrock Family database.  Clyde C. Schrock was the son of Mary Jane Schrock Cripe, daughter of Yost and Martha.  Edith was Edith Troyer Hatfield the daughter of Elizabeth Schrock Troyer, daughter of Yost and Martha.  The Aunt Nan and Aunt Lulu referred to are: Aunt Nan - Nancy Schrock - daughter of Yost and Martha; Aunt Lulu - Lulu Vandersten) - wife of William Schrock, son of Yost and Martha).

Mary Post Warren
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