Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What are they searching for?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings using gives us a "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" challenge.  This week we are to:

1)  Go to your Blog Statistics website (e.g., StatCounter, Google Analytics, etc.) and find the page for "Keyword Searches" done on your blog.

2)  Tell us some of the funniest or most interesting keyword searches and your reaction to them.  Write your own blog post or put them in a comment to this post, or in a comment or status on Facebook.

Some of the search terms used to find Mary's Musings during this past month have been:

    • uses for fruit cake mix - the person was led to my posting of December 14, 2010 - not sure if it's what they were looking for but it's what they got!
    • marys - If they had put the marys musings as all one word they would not have been led to my site.  I wish I could get this for my URL.  I am surprised they made it to my blog.
    • motzko hardware store marsing, id –  I wish I knew who searched with this…they were definitely looking for my great uncle’s store.   They spent 6 min and 17 seconds on my site and visited 2 pages
    • kids sitting in sant claus laps fotos - this led them to my December 6, 2010 posting 
    • rootsmagic - this led the person to my blog on January 4, 2011 
    Interesting info and a great challenge Randy! Thanks!

    Mary Post Warren
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