Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Relocated Blog

I have just relocated my blog - http://MusingMary.blogspot.com.  This has been one of my goals for a long time, the previous link used was an old one I had from when I sold real estate.  If you are a follower of mine please 'follow me' on the right hand side.  I could not get the system to move my followers along with the site.  Bookmark this new page and delete the bookmark you have for the old page.  In a week or two I will be deleting the old page totally (or should I leave it so that if others find it they will know what happened?)

Looking forward to great blogging in 2011.  Currently I'm having issues with my computer and I can not upload pictures that I saved on my Flash Drives...my  ports are not working. Any pictures I took or scanned during December to currently I do not have access to at this time. :(  Please bear with me, this issue will eventually be resolved.
Mary Post Warren
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